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Optional Competitions

 TALENT COMPETITION DONATION: $50.00 per entry (2 Max)


Presentation – Stage presence, on-stage personality, entertaining to judges and audience.

Difficulty – Interpretive ability, technical skill level according to age smile, sparkle, look of having fun, etc.

Appearance – Costume or dress appropriate to the presentation. The outfit plays an important part in selling your talent number to the judges.

Props and/or Partners will not be judged, ONLY the Contestant.

Category 1: Ages 4 - 12 years old & Category 2: Ages 13 - 19 years old

Time Limit - Two (2) minutes max.


FASHION SHOW/TOP MODELING COMPETITION DONATION:                                  $75.00 per entry (2 Max) 


This is your opportunity to rock the runway! Contestants will compete in a runway fashion show modeling a red carpet outfit of their choice. This can be a short cocktail dress or a long dress – or anything in between. Anything goes! This fun and upbeat runway competition give delegates the freedom to showcase their modeling on the runway while showing their personality off their unique sense of fashion. Select a red carpet outfit that shows your own sense of fashion. You may use accessories to enhance your outfit while you’re modeling on stage. The time limit is 90 seconds (One Minute and a Half)

Category 1: Ages 4 - 12 years old, Category 2: Ages 13 -19 years old, Category 3: Ages 20 and up.






                              Best Interview, Best Gown, Best Casual Wear, Overall Photogenic


NEW OPTIONALS ~ $25.00 per entry (each)

Addison Franklin
Lillie Joy Gaige
Paisley Grace Glass
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