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                            The Miss Sunshine Charity Staff

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  Willie Melendez          Marcus Santiago            Tiffany Stuart                 JoAnn Dapp                 Elaine Munson              Normile Berry  
  Pageant Director        Pageant Director      Director of Operations    Pageant Coordinator    Pageant Coordinator     Audio Coordinator
        & CEO

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                                Ligia L. Westwood, MBA        Paulette M. Gabbidon, MPA
                                    Financial Advisor                  Non-Profit Consultant             

                            The Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant 



The Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant (a 501(c) (3), nonprofit organization), with over thirteen (13) years of experience helping and volunteering throughout the community and at different local non-profit organizations.

The winners chosen for this pageant will serve as spokespeople for our charity organization and the pageant system and will be the backbone of this great organization! Their goal should be to encourage people to get out in their communities and volunteer. They will be able to inspire many people in their generation today and really talk about the importance of volunteering and talk about their specifically selected local or state non-profit organization. Our contestants do not have to live in Florida; however, their charity of choice that they select must be an organization that is located in Florida or has a Florida chapter. Each queen will receive as part of their prize package a check/donation to their selected charity of choice for them to present, at the end of their reign. 


Mission Statement

The sole purpose of the Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant is to support local and state non-profit organizations through private donations and volunteer work.  In doing so, we hope to make a positive difference in someone else's life.


Our Vision

Spreading Sunshine through kindness.

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