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Expectations and Requirements for your Reign

  1. All Queen’s and Ambassadors Winners are REQUIRED to attend the orientation, contract signing will be at the main ballroom (Magnolia) on Sunday, September 15th, 2024, at 1:00pm. A photoshoot with our professional photographer, Baron DaParre will follow right after contract signing. Will be working on our first service project of the year after the photoshoot.

  2. Each queen (and/or the queen’s parent/legal guardian if queen is under 18) is required to sign this non-exclusive contract.

  3. By signing this contract, you are agreeing to participate in a minimum of six (6) approved appearances and/or volunteer opportunities by no later than December 31st, 2024, with a minimum of one (1) per month.

  4. By signing this contract, you are agreeing to continue to participate in a minimum of one (1) approved appearance or volunteer opportunity per calendar month from January 2025 until the end of your reign. This includes your volunteer participation at the pageant in September 2025.

  5. You will be expected to do 120 Volunteer hours until the end of your reign in order to qualify for a monetary donation to your Non-profit Charity of Choice organization.

  6. It is REQUIRED that while you are representing the Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant organization you will always behave in a professional and appropriate manner in person and on social media. Attire should be a cocktail or appearance wear with The Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant crown/sash, OR your Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant shirt worn the entire time.

  7. All Queen’s and Ambassadors Winners first APPROVED appearance will take place at the (TBD) unless participating in the UNM Florida state pageant as a contestant.

  8. For all appearances or volunteer hours to count towards your monthly requirement, you are REQUIRED to post on Instagram OR Facebook within the month you performed this activity. You must tag the Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant, and staff.

  9. Non-Profit Charity of Choice in Florida - You are REQUIRED to do volunteer work at your selected charity of choice at least 6 times during your reign. If you do not meet this requirement, then your charity selection will not be eligible to receive any monetary donation at the end of your reign from the Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant.

  10. Advance notice of 24 hours is REQUIRED if you cannot make it to any event that you sign up for. Failure to provide proper notice or a no call/no show can result in termination of your status as a Queen, Ambassador, or optional winner.  

  11. Sash/Crown swapping will NOT be tolerated or allowed. This means that if you attend an event wearing another organizations crown, sash, or event t-shirt but switch to wearing your Miss Sunshine Charity Pageant crown, banner or shirt at the same event, the appearance or volunteer event will not count towards your monthly requirement AND the directors have the right to terminate your status as a Queen, Ambassador, or optional winner.

  12. Concerns and Complaints: I understand and agree that any problem, concern, or complaint should be communicated immediately to the Pageant Directors Willie Melendez and/or Marcus Santiago. Failure to comply with this section may result in loss of title.


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